Monday, October 31, 2011

"Movin' on Up"...

I recently was reading the Trinity Dean's List blog and, several clicks later, found myself reading about the schedule for Move-In Day 2011. I was immediately flashed back to a time, too long ago, when I too was pulling up to the school with a carload of stuff and a 'ready to attack the world' attitude.

I remember Move-In Day like it was yesterday - and trust me, it wasn't! But what strikes me the most is how I still remember vividly the first friends, first activities, first food, first classes….first impressions of everything. Do you?

I would bet that most of you, like me, had a lot of extra energy, open mindedness, and zeal to be make great connections and good impressions on that first day. You probably succeeded. Do you think that's a coincidence? I think not.

As networking chair, I'm supposed to write a little bit about networking. Effective networking. Things we can do to help each other. I'll start with this tiny bit of advice: Think of every day as Move-In Day!

In that light, I’d like to invite to the “Making Connections” event this year on January 6th. We had a wonderful time last year and hopefully we can do even better. It is a great opportunity to offer your help to new graduates, make new friends, and reconnect with others.


PS - Let's hear about some of your favorite first day / first week experiences! For me, it was life changing. I just didn't know it yet. Come to Making Connections this year and I'll tell you why.

Fritz Hesse ‘87

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