Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What can your alumni chapter do for you?

People participate in organizations for a variety of reasons including the need for a social outlet, professional networking, health benefits, continued education, and community service to name just a few. With limited time and resources, it is increasingly important for individuals and families to find value in their affiliations and extracurricular activities.

The TU Alumni Association in San Diego has great potential for providing opportunities for local alumni to participate in events that reconnect us to our alma mater and classmates, as well as build new relationships with fellow alumni.

There are a plethora of untapped resources and possibilities in our community. The SD alumni board is committed to exploring ways to engage and interact with alumni. But first, we want to know, what do you value? What types of organizations are you currently involved in?  What impact, if any, has your education had on your life?

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