Thursday, August 18, 2011

San Diego Aficionados

This post is dedicated to the things we love in San Diego. I for one am always curious to know what are the places and things my friends and coworkers love most about the area. It seems as though the local options for restaurants, outdoor activities, and neighborhood gems are boundless. 

After home, work, and the grocery store, I probably frequent Bird Rock Coffee Roasters more than any other establishment in San Diego. Despite having been a barista at Starbucks to get me through an 18 unit semester at Trinity, my appreciation for coffee grew exponentially once I discovered this local coffee shop. 

From their website: "At Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, we are all about quality. From the farmer to the beans, to the roasting, to the brewing, to our service, to our relationship with our neighborhood and our impact on the environment." 

This is a business that I'll gladly support with any excuse I can justify. For example, a pound of beans is my standard gift to my hosts when I travel. It is also wildly popular at holiday gift exchanges. You'll find me there most Saturday mornings when I pick up a fresh pound of espresso-Dirty Sweet is the current season's offering-and sample another one of their brews from somewhere around the world. Since the BRCR roasts their beans on a weekly basis, each cup is as fresh and close to perfection as I've ever had. Should you ever find yourself in Bird Rock (La Jolla) and want a fine cup of coffee and company, let me know! I'll meet you there.

So, what is your favorite place in San Diego?

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