Thursday, August 11, 2011


The reality of life after college doesn't always align with one's expectations just after graduation. Finding a community to be a part of can be challenging. I am constantly amazed by the sense of community I feel when I meet a fellow Trinity alum. Knowing someone from "home" brings such a sense of comfort. Sharing memories--even if they occurred at separate times--of professors, hang out spots on campus and around town, and what living on your own was like for the first time is so wonderful.

What fond memories do you have of life at Trinity?


  1. I feel that most will agree that Bombay Bicycle Club goes hand in hand with a Trinity experience! From those incredible burgers and tater tots, to the frozen margaritas and late night outings on weekends, (sometimes accompanied by a walk back to campus in a Trinity herd) there is an undeniable sense of Trinity community within those walls.

  2. I got a brain freeze just thinking about Flats!